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We love Italian food!

This is why we love dedicating ourselves to introducing Italian food culture in Estonia. To offer genuine taste experience, we use raw material imported directly from Italy.


In addition to quality pasta and pizza, our menu also contains other classic Italian dishes: appetizers, salads, soups, risottos, grilled dishes and desserts. Our homemade Italian ice-cream – gelato – is worth extra praise and attention.

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Da Vinci vaagnad

Da Vinci pasta & pizza pakub erinevaid antipasti italiani eelroogade – suupistete kandikuid.  Oleme kolmele take away vaagnale kogunud kokku parimad palad lihast ja juustust, omavalmistatud punase sibula marmelaadi ja pestot.

Meie tooted on kõrge kvaliteediga ja kõik asjad kas toome ise Itaaliast või valmistame ise oma restoranide köökides. Valikus on erinevad Itaalia salaamid, singid,  juustud ning vanad ja head Da Vinci hitid nagu Bella Cerignola oliivid, pesto Genovese, pesto Rosso, päikesekuivatatud tomatid, artišokid jne.


Telli Da Vinci restoranist

Unique Da Vinci pizza

Our pizza dough recipe has been fine-tuned in cooperation with the world-renowned pizza master Alessandro Negrini. The secret of our golden and crispy pizza dough lies in the quality Antica flour which roots go back to the distant Roman era. You mustn’t be afraid of the little black dots on the crust – they add the smoky flavour. The pizza dough made of the rustic Antica flour contains whole grain flour, has smaller yeast content than regular flours and is easy to digest. The carefully made pizza dough is topped with the quality Italian mozzarella cheese, natural tomato sauce and loads of other pleasant Italian flavours.

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Perfect Illy coffee

In the cup the illy blend becomes a symphony: rich, bold, versatile, consisting of utterly talented soloists who give out everything while playing under the careful supervision of a wonderful conductor. Those flavours, feelings and aromas are common only for illy. Velvety, instantly sweet, carefully balanced flowery and fruity notes that reflect caramel, toast and chocolate, natural aromas, which give you a hint of almonds and honey. It might as well happen that it is the first time you leave sugar out of the game.

Illy coffee drinks

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