Golfiresto juht Kersti Kuus

Jõelähtme Da Vinci

Kersti Kuus

Kersti is the hostess of Da Vinci Jõelähtme Golf Restaurant, which coordinates the daily work of the restaurant as well as organizing special events. For the last 9 years at Da Vinci, Kerst has shown a wide range of experiences. Kersti started her career as a customer service representative at Kristiine Da Vinci's restaurant, from where she soon moved on to Da Vinci Food's food wholesale office. He then took the work back to the restaurant side and started running both Kristiine and Rocca al Mare Da Vinci restaurants. After a while, however, Kersti found herself in the head office again, this time trying her job as a coffee trainer. By now, Kersti is back in the Da Vinci restaurant, this time as a fresh hostess of Jõelähtme Golf Restaurant.

When working at Da Vinci, Kerst likes the most that employees have a voice and a chance to have a say in the development of the company: to recommend what to develop, what could be improved, and so on. In addition, Kersti appreciates Da Vinci's commitment to high-quality raw materials and an excellent customer experience. "It is always possible to develop and get better at your work here," Kersti sums up Da Vinci's happy work environment formula. As a leader, Kersti appreciates honest and direct communication. "In a stressful work environment, small frictions are common, but it's good to hear the concerns immediately from the heart," he suggests. If the team has good energy and nice humor, he thinks the work environment is enjoyable for everyone.

When asked about Kersti's most memorable experience while working at Da Vinci, she admits that Kristiine was a bit of a paw when she started working in a restaurant. "Young and green at the table service, my hand was still shaking," he smiles. He remembers the time when he had to bring a coffee drink to the table with a tray, which he did not want to stay well on his own. "When I reached the table and started serving the drink, the coffee drink slipped off the saucer and directly into the customer's arms ..." he recalls his fright. This was followed by a series of excuses and cleaning. "By a happy coincidence, the customer had just bought new pants from the store!" Kersti couldn't believe her pull at that moment. So after the customer had changed his pants and Kersti served him a new coffee drink, the working day could go on after a small startle. However, Kersti was pleased to remember this intermediate episode and became a regular customer of the restaurant.

Töövälisel ajal on Kersti suurimaks armastuseks reisimine. “Rahvuskultuurid, imeline loodus, erinevate maade toidukunst – see on see, mis minu hinge toidab,” loetleb Kersti reisimise võlusid. Peale reisimise on tema elus tähtsal kohal ka sporditegemine vabas õhus. Aastaringselt tegeleb Kersti pikamaajooksuga, millele suviti lisandub ka matkamine ning talviti taliujumine ja mäesuusatamine. 

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