Sirli Sillamägi

Rocca Al Mare Da Vinci

Sirli Sillamägi

Sirli, manager of the Rocca al Mare Da Vinci Pasta and Pizza restaurant, has been working at different Da Vinci restaurants for already 17 years. Actually, Sirli was asked to join the team of the very first Da Vinci restaurant that at that time was in the Viru Centre.

According to Sirli, there are many reasons why she has never left Da Vinci ever since. “Da Vinci offers its people constant development and learning possibilities, it has a modern work environment and it supports working flexible hours,” Sirly lists some of the reasons why she has stayed with Da Vinci for such a long time. “Da Vinci is a wonderful place for working, you never feel bored!” Sirli says when summarizing her experience. She says that if the team is great, you have fun every day.

Outside the office hours, Sirli enjoys spending time with her family, wandering in the forest with her dog, making bracelets and just sleeping. In the summertime, she often reaches for her roller-skates and goes for a ride. Having worked in Da Vinci restaurants for nearly two decades, she knows the role of the restaurant manager very well. “I like positive and stress-free work environment, I value teamwork and open relationships, courtesy and respect,” she describes the fundamentals of successful teamwork. As a leader, she highly values honesty, justice, correctness and solutions-oriented approach “If your team is motivated and they feel valuable, then the results are good, too.” She speaks from her experience.

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