Õnne-Liis Ennok

Manager of Kristiine Da Vinci

Õnne-Liis Ennok

Õnne-Liis, manager of the Kristiine Da Vinci restaurant, has been working in Da Vinci for nearly six years. However, her Da Vinci journey started in Pärnu instead. “When a new Da Vinci was soon to be opened in Pärnu around 6 years ago, my former employer Hanno (current manager of the Pärnu Da Vinci) rang me up and asked me to become a shift manager in the new restaurant."

Working in Da Vinci, Õnne-Liis mostly values respecting and taking care of long-term employees and the offering of development opportunities. “I spent two years studying at the Estonian Sommelier School and mostly thanks to Da Vinci,” Õnne-Liis says happily. Outside office hours Õnne-Liis likes spending time with her partner: doing sports and walking in the nature. She is also convinced that in every once in a while, you need to practice doing nothing. Since Õnne-Liis is from Hiiumaa, she also loves going to the island since many of her relatives and close ones live there.

Working as a manager, Õnne-Liis says the most important thing for her is that all team members would feel they are being taken care of and that they are important for the company. “It is important that the team has an honest and open way of communicating, and that there are no intrigues nor talking behind backs.” Õnne-Liis describes the principles of successful teamwork. “If there is something someone needs to say, we speak openly and honestly.” For her it is important that people feel well at work. “Often our workdays are long and hard, but if you are working with people you enjoy spending time with, the workdays also go by faster and with laughs,” she speaks from her own experience. If there is positive energy in the team, it is also transferred to the clients and they get a nice experience from visiting our restaurant.

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