Hanno Värk

Pärnu Da Vinci juht

Hanno Värk

Da Vinci’s partner and the manager of the Pärnu Da Vinci restaurant, has been working in Da Vinci for more than 10 years. Nevertheless, every day there are new and exciting things to deal with. Hanno admits that before coming to Da Vinci he could not stand pasta dishes and knew nothing about Italian cuisine, but today he is a great Italian cuisine admirer and can value the pure and fresh tastes common to Italian dishes.

Outside office hours, Hanno loves spending time with his family, he also likes being physically active and therefore he can often be seen in a gym, at golf or tennis courts. “Healthy mind in a healthy body” is Hanno’s motto.

 As a partner and restaurant manager, Hanno is always looking to the future and he likes implementing an open and honest management style. “Openness, positive work environment and solution-oriented approach,” Hanno lists his principles as a manager. By openness he mostly means honest and delicate communication that help to create a team in which all processes are managed together. “Openness is not just a thing you ask for – it comes in time and it has to be turned attention to every day,” Hanno explains.” Openness means providing your colleagues with true information that may help them – be that utterly positive feedback or a negative remark.” According to him, the best outcomes of open management style are positive and solution-oriented colleagues.

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