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We make red onion marmalade by hand. Our red onion marmalade has a sweet and sour taste and goes well with almost all foods. It can be added to various foods for an additional sweet-sour taste nuance or served with the food. Red onion marmalade goes especially well with meat and salads, pastas and risotto.

100g / 1,49€

caesar sauce

Want to make a delicious Caesar salad at home? Why not. Our handmade Caesar sauce is perfect for that! We use only the best ingredients to make Da Vinci Caesar sauce. In fact, in addition to Caesar salad, our sauce is also suitable for seasoning other salads and snacks.

100g / 1,49€

Green pesto

We make Da Vinci classic green pesto by hand from fresh ingredients. Our fresh pesto includes basil, Grana Padano cheese, extra virgin olive oil, cedar nuts, garlic and spices. To obtain a pesto, we blender all the components, but not quite puree. Properly made pesto is slightly chunky in texture. 

100g / 2,99€

Red pesto

We make red pesto by hand at Da Vinci, using the freshest ingredients. Red pesto contains the same components as green pesto, in addition to which the tomato gives red color and exciting taste to tomatoes - both sun-dried and canned. Properly made red pesto, like green pesto, is not a uniform mass, but slightly lumpy in texture.

100g / 2,99€