Gelato – Itaalia jäätis

  • Italian ice-cream


Da Vinci offers its customers genuine homemade Italian ice-cream (gelato). Da Vinci restaurants were among the first ones in Estonia who started making their own gelato in 2003. Our selection has 16 different flavours and there are always nearly 10 ice-creams of different taste we sell. We make all our ice-creams on site, thanks to which we can offer the best fresh product with the highest quality. We would especially like to bring out our pistachio ice-cream that has been our best-selling ice-cream for years.



"GELATO" is an Italian ice cream made from milk, water and sugar and combined with special spices and fresh fruit. Gelato is by nature a creamy ice cream without ice crystals. Gelato has a significantly stronger taste than ordinary ice creams sold in Estonia.

Gelato is an Italian word and Italian ice cream is known all over the world. Gelato is derived from the Italian verb gelare, which means "to freeze". Gelato is made in two ways. One type of gelato is made with water and without dairy products. This is called a sorbetto. For the most part, all fruit-flavored gelatoes are made with water. The second type of Italian ice cream is made with dairy products. It adds crunchiness to ice cream and is most often used for vanilla, chocolate, tiramisu and other flavors.

Gelato made with dairy products originates from Northern Italy, and water-based Italian ice-creams or sorbettos originate from the hot areas of Southern Italy. sorbetto‘d pärinevad Lõuna-Itaalia kuumadelt aladelt.

The dairy-based gelato is made of cow’s milk and it contains 4-8% fat. This number largely depends on the toppings (e.g. nuts increase fattiness).

Quality gelato contains quality raw materials, milk and water. Usually gelato is made using milk which contains 3—4% fat, sometimes cream is added to improve the texture. Unlike regular ice-creams, gelato ingredients are not homogenized and therefore it melts quicker than regular ice-cream.

Gelato is served at -15°C. It can be served immediately since it is easy to handle (gelato cannot be served when directly taken from the freezer where the temperature is -18°C or more since it freezes and is impossible to divide it into servings etc. Therefore, gelato is served half-frozen). Gelato is the best when it’s fresh and therefore we make new ice-cream every day to offer our customers the best gelato in Estonia.