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The menu includes a large selection of classic Italian dishes: pastas, pizzas, risottos, salads, grilled dishes, soups, appetizers and desserts. Of special note is Da Vinci's authentic Italian-style pizzas, the recipes of which have been tuned in collaboration with the world-famous pizza master Alessandro Negrin..

Of course, our dessert menu also includes handmade Italian ice creams – gelato.

90% of the products used in Da Vinci kitchen are of Italian origin, which guarantees that our dishesare delicious and of high quality.




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  • Kristiine Centre I floor Info
  • Järve Centre II floor Info
  • Ülemiste Centre II floor Info
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Rocca al Mare Shopping Centre II floor (Paldiski Rd 102, Tallinn / see the map)

Mon-Sun 10:00 - 21:00 Kitchen closes at 20:15

+372 665 9199


Manager of the Rocca al Mare Da Vinci

Sirli Sillamägi

Sirli, manager of the Rocca al Mare Da Vinci Pasta and Pizza restaurant, has been working at different Da Vinci restaurants for already 17 years. Actually, Sirli was asked to join the team of the very first Da Vinci restaurant that at that time was in the Viru Centre. 

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Kristiine DA VINCI

Kristiine Centre I floor (Endla 45, Tallinn /  see the map)

Mon-Sun 10:00 - 21:00 Kitchen closes at 20:15

+372 640 5060


Manager of Kristiine Da Vinci

Õnne-Liis Ennok

Õnne-Liis, manager of the Kristiine Da Vinci restaurant, has been working in Da Vinci for nearly six years. However, her Da Vinci journey started in Pärnu instead. “When a new Da Vinci was soon to be opened in Pärnu around 6 years ago, my former employer Hanno (current manager of the Pärnu Da Vinci) rang me up and asked me to become a shift manager in the new restaurant."

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Järve Centre II floor (Pärnu Rd 238, Tallinn / see the map)

Mon-Sun 10:00 - 21:00 Kitchen closes at 20:15

+372 603 3100


Manager at Järve Da Vinci

Heili Õiesaar

Heili works as the manager of the Järve Center Da Vinci, having worked at Da Vinci for more than 8 years. In 2014, Heili began his career at Rocca al Mare as a customer service representative. "Da Vinci was my first full-time job, and when I applied, I didn't even know exactly what it was," he admits. When at one point it turned out that Da Vinci would also open a restaurant in Järve, Heili felt that he had gained enough experience as a waitress and wanted to try his hand at the managerial position.

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Ülemiste Da Vinci

Ülemiste Keskuse II korrusel (Suur-Sõjamäe 4, Tallinn / see the map)

Mon-Sun 10:00 - 21:00 Kitchen closes at 20:15

+372 660 6860


Ülemiste Da Vinci juht

Marilis Pettai

Marilis, manager of the Järve Centre’s Da Vinci restaurant, found her way to Da Vinci a couple of years ago when she was looking for a waitress’ position. Although when she initially sent her CV, she wanted to start working in the Kristiine Centre’s Da Vinci, instead she was offered a place in the Järve Centre’s Da Vinci that was short of hands at that time. 

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Kaubamajakas Shopping Centre (Papiniidu 8 Pärnu 80042 / see the map)

E-P 12:00 - 20:00 Köök suletakse 19:15

+372 445 5237


Pärnu Da Vinci juht

Hanno Värk

Da Vinci’s partner and the manager of the Pärnu Da Vinci restaurant, has been working in Da Vinci for more than 10 years. Nevertheless, every day there are new and exciting things to deal with. Hanno admits that before coming to Da Vinci he could not stand pasta dishes and knew nothing about Italian cuisine, but today he is a great Italian cuisine admirer and can value the pure and fresh tastes common to Italian dishes.

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Tartu Tasku Centre (Turu 2, Tartu / see the map)

Mon-Sat 10:00 - 21:00 Kitchen closes at 20:15
Sun 10:00 - 18:00 Kitchen closes at 17:15

+372 733 9333


Manager of Tartu Da Vinci

Carmen Kaag

Carmen, manager of the Tartu Da Vinci restaurant has worked in Da Vinci for a bit more than 2 years. She ended up working at Da Vinci thanks to her love for good food. “I moved from Tartu to Tallinn and since Da Vinci had been my favourite restaurant in Tartu, I immediately checked their website to see whether they were looking for hands in Tallinn. And they were!” Now Carmen is back in Tartu but still working in Da Vinci.

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Da Vinci tegevjuht

Rain Uusküla

Da Vinci kontseptsiooni looja ja kontsernijuht Rain on Da Vinci ettevõtte eesotsas olnud juba 17 aastat. Tegelikult saigi Da Vinci lugu alguse Raini ülikooli lõputööst, kuhu sai kirja pandud Da Vinci pasta & pizzarestoranide algne kontseptsioon. Aasta oli siis 2003. “Ma ei oska öelda, kust tuli mõte toitlustusvaldkonda siseneda, aga igatahes kuskilt see tuli,” meenutab Rain tollast otsust. “Ostsin Amazonist kokku kõikvõimalikud restoranijuhtimise teemalised raamatud ja tegin asjad endale selgeks.”

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