Regle Kuus


Regle Kuus

Regle has worked at Da Vinci for 8 years, starting on the restaurant side and moving on to Da Vinci Foods coffee trainer. At the same time, she became interested in sales work. When she works at Da Vinci, Regle likes the opportunity to develop and implement her ideas, the flexibility and the people she works with. She also enjoys the fact that every working day is different. "Communication!" Regle brings out another aspect of his work that makes her eyes shine. "I love interacting with people, sharing coffee thoughts and knowledge, and tasting coffee together." According to her, Regle really enjoys being able to raise people's awareness of the world of coffee and how cafes and restaurants can offer the best quality coffee.

In his work, Regle considers good information exchange and cooperation as the basis, as well as laughter and positivity. Regle believes that when people do the work they love, they do it with care and commitment and do not need special guidance. "If the rules created together in the department apply and the work organization is in place, the magic happens by itself," Regle knows. Regle considers a visit to a coffee plantation in Honduras to be her coolest experience while working at Da Vinci. "It was wonderful!" reminiscent of Regle. She participated in a 7-day coffee university program, during which she also planted his own coffee bush on the high hillsides. "Seeing how the people who grow this wonderful coffee for us work makes me even more appreciate the value of quality coffee and how it is made," she concludes.

Espresso is her favorite coffee drink. This is the drink she enjoys and drinks when she wants to experience the true taste and nature of coffee. "This shot on the tongue offers me a real bouquet of flavors for about 30 minutes," she admits. Since Regle drinks about 4 cups of coffee a day, she often prolongs the espresso with hot water and sometimes adds milk.

Outside of work, Regle is involved in sports: running, dancing, training in the gym and walking in nature. In addition, she also enjoys winter swimming. "It's a real self-transcendence, a mood-booster and a fatigue repellent," she suggests trying this piece of courage on others.

Regle's favorite coffee drink: Espresso