Coffee history, coffee varieties, production and preparation and correct serving of coffee


Illy UDC

Università del Caffè

Good coffee depends on high-quality raw materials and good machinery, but above all on skilful preparation and serving. Our mission is to teach the restaurant & cafe staff all this so that the customer can enjoy only the best Illy coffee.

The main part of the training is especially adapted for people with different backgrounds and needs, ie from experts to professionals working in the food and beverage industry. The training offers participants the best practices and tools to develop and improve their competence in the field of coffee and to deepen their theoretical and practical knowledge of an exciting whole process - from the bright red cherry to the best cup of espresso.

During the trainings we discuss topics: what is Illy? Illy history and core values, coffee history, coffee varieties, production and coffee making and correct serving.

The Università del Caffè coffee university was founded in 1999 in Italy by Illycaffè and its sole purpose is to promote, develop and disseminate a culture of quality coffee throughout the world.



The training covers theory and practice, teaches how to make different coffee drinks, and how to deal with complex coffee machines and other everyday aspects (such as maintenance and tuning of tools and equipment for a barista).

When you finish, you can recognize good coffee by taste like a real coffee sommelier. You will also receive a Coffee Expert Certificate after completing the Università del Caffè training and passing the exam.


Illy ABC training gives a novice coffee lover the opportunity to learn the first educational steps in making coffee. Illy ABC gives an overview of the basics and quality of Illy coffee. As soon as the theoretical knowledge is acquired, you take control and start making coffee drinks. The training ends with machine maintenance and cleaning.

Training content:

  • About us
  • History and distribution of coffee in the world
  • All about Illy coffee
  • Quality
  • Bean selection
  • Roasting
  • Packaging
  • A well-organized workplace
  • Espresso
  • Various coffee drinks
  • Frothing milk
  • Pouring and creating patterns
  • Coffee machine cleaning

Price: 45 € / person. NB! Discount for Illy contract customers -50% / person.

Number of participants: 3 - 6 people

ILLY Expert

From a coffee plant to a coffee cup - this is the journey of coffee to become the brightest shining star. You don't need a wand to conduct an orchestra. If you want to become an expert in coffee, you need skills, knowledge and creativity. It is the only training that offers an overview of the world of coffee: the journey of coffee beans from the countries of origin to us, the making of the perfect espresso and cappuccino, the tools and machines for making coffee and the tasting of coffee.

Training content:

  • About us
  • History and distribution of coffee in the world
  • Coffee plant and fruit
  • Harvesting and processing of coffee beans
  • Different roasting technologies for coffee
  • Coffee machines
  • Coffe grinder
  • A well-organized workplace
  • Cleaning the coffee machine
  • Perfect espresso

Price: 60 € / person. NB! Discount for Illy contract customers -50% / person.
Number of participants: 4-6 people


The magical combination of coffee and milk creates the perfect result in the cup. Milk foam is no longer a mystery to me. If espresso is the king of coffee drinks, then cappuccino is the proud head. To achieve the perfect taste and texture, you need to learn the basic techniques and secrets of making espresso coffee and properly frothed milk. As soon as theoretical knowledge is acquired, you take the reins yourself and dive in front of your head to acquire practical skills, such as coffee drinks - cappuccino, as well as macchiato and latte. Coffee recipes + imaginative recipes.

Training content:

  • About us
  • Coffe grinder
  • Coffee grinder grinding challenge
  • Perfect espresso
  • Tamping
  • Tamping challenge
  • A well-organized workplace
  • Perfect cappuccino
  • The temperature challenge
  • Pouring & creating patterns
  • EXAM
  • Cleaning the coffee machine
  • Coffee recipes + imaginative recipes

Price: 55 € / person. NB! Discount for Illy contract customers -50% / person.

Number of participants: 3 - 4 people


Regle works as a sales manager for Da Vinci’s Illy and Dammann products. This means that he is responsible for everything related to coffee and tea in the company. “I train, sell, maintain and give

best advice… ”Regle sums up his role in the world of Da Vinci coffee. Today, Regle knows almost everything about coffee.

Read more about Regle here


Come and train yourself to be a real coffee expert!

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