Illy & Dammann avaleht

Illy coffee & Dammann Freres tea

Da Vinci Food is the only official distributor of illy coffee and Dammann Freres tea in Estonia. Illy was founded in 1933 in Trieste, Italy by Francesco Illy. Illy is the only coffee roaster who makes her coffee bean purchasing decisions based on taste and laboratory tests. Illy buys high-quality coffee beans directly from growers in Central and South America, India and Africa.

Dammann Freres was granted the right to sell tea in France in 1692 by Louis XIV, Dammann Freres was established in 1925 by two brothers, Robert and Pierre Dammann. After World War II, the Jean Jumeau-Lafond brought about change. He, as a great tea lover, wanted to share his passion with the French people, who were still unknown in this field at that time. In 1950, he launched a retail of open tea in France. Later, Jean's sons Jacques and Didier took over the development of the company.


A blend of nine Arabica to make coffee beans propertiesthat meet higher standards than market standards.

Double selection of beans: on-site and electronic sorting before roasting. Ube and ground or single-serving coffee are made in different versions: medium or dark roast and decaffeinated.

illy symbolizes a passion for espresso, but also tells the story of the irreplaceable aroma of its mixture in a different way. Illycaffè uses only the best, Arabica beans in nature to make coffee beans, ground coffee , E.S.E pads, , filter coffee, mocha coffee and coffee kapslite jaoks mõeldud to make coffee beans valmistamiseks vaid parimaid Arabica ube, mida loodusel üldse pakkuda on.



Dammann Fréres professionals travel all over the world, they are interested in absolutely everything they see. The taste engineer develops a delicate and pleasant aroma of the tea blend, the “blender” puts together and finishes the teas every season so that the harmony and taste of the tea never changes.



The selection includes illy capsule machines that are well suited for both home and office and allow you to make restaurant-quality coffee in your home. In addition, we also have a wide range of professional coffee machines for restaurants and cafes.

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Università del Caffè Estonia aims to increase and disseminate coffee culture in Estonia in cooperation with a school that offers complete theoretical and practical training on all coffee-related topics.

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